About Us

We are a team of volunteers united by love and a desire to support children who are in institutions. Our wards are children and teenagers who live in boarding schools or in families with difficult life circumstances.

    We help children and teenagers in different ways:
  • Material (clothing, food, gifts, treatment)
  • We build relationships (through socialization and mentoring)
Our Mission

Mentoring, development, and integration of children into society

Our Vision
  • Children are able to build healthy relationships with others
  • 3D children have a christian worldview and are actively building Ukrainian society

Tatiana Chernyuk

"We are not indifferent to orphans and children who are in difficult life circumstances. We build friendship with them and come to them every week to make their days happier and more meaningful.

The most important thing is that we LOVE them - and this is our motivation and incentive for activity! I believe that we should not wait for a favorable time to do good, or for easier times - today is the best time to do good!"

Lets help children alltogether?

Our Project


Dental services and organization of the necessary treatment for children from boarding schools and families in difficult life circumstances.

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Tutoring for graduates. Tutoring for children with cognitive disabilities. Additional classes in the necessary subjects.

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An opportunity for children and teenagers to spend time in the mountains, relax, socialize, and learn the basic skills of independent living.

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About volunteers

Volunteering is a touch to the lives of people who hardly have them. Volunteering is a good opportunity for those who want to touch other people's lives